How To Refresh Your Sales Presentation

Time to press the pause button

Recollect the day you joined your sales team.

You not only were eager to prove yourselves, but also were quite curious to find out as many selling points about your product or service as possible, to bag deals. You memorized all that was taught by your sales training team. You applied some of those ideas and got some success.

Later, with experience on the field, you developed thumb rules of your own and discovered some ‘selling points that work’ that were not taught in your training. Eventually those selling points became part of your standard sales presentation.

Now, it is time to press the pause button and take a day to ‘Hunt for fresh points to sell’.

Why should you do this?

As sales people, over time we get complacent with our working ways, and stop looking for new ideas. We may take the time to refresh our selling points based on the product changes, market changes or changes in customer preferences. The one day you spend to step back and objectively look at the points that will make a world of difference to the commissions you earn.

Planning the ‘selling points’ day

1. Talk to colleagues: Start by spending 15 minutes with each of your sales colleagues in an informal setting (like – over a cup of coffee), to ask about the specific selling points they use to close deals. You might be surprised to discover some nuggets that you never thought of. Realize that like you worked out your own set of ‘selling points that work’, your colleagues too have discovered their own set too. There is very little opportunity for them to share it with you, if not for this day.

2. Talk to customers: Next, pick up the phone and call up your existing customers. Ask them about their experience of your product. Ask them about the specific features of your product that benefit them the most.

Talk to no less than 15 customers to populate your list of points for pitching.

3. Create Value Statement: Once you finish compiling all the learning for the day, start creating a ‘value statement’ for each of those points. Now, take a print out of the value statements, and put it in your folder.

This is fresh arsenal that will work wonders to your conviction about the product. This reflects in your confidence and words when you make the next sales presentation.

Whenever you feel a little down, go through the list – and you will get a fresh sense of energy to meet your next customer.

Remember, to conduct this exercise at least once in 4 months to recharge yourself and your pitch. Happy selling!

Tips to Get a Favorable Debt Settlement Deal – Proven Debt Negotiation Methods

Debt settlement deals are basically for those individuals who are unable to pay back their loan amount which they have taken from the banks and other financial institutions at the time of financial crises. Over the past few years, many individuals are in the stress of unsecured debts and the only reason is that they are badly hurt by recession. Many methods are available in market that really helps out the person to come out from the burden of financial crises. Among these available methods, two options are widely used and these are bankruptcy and debt settlement.

The Process of settlement is considered much more reliable and authentic way for getting rid of your unsecured burden. If you have decided to find the solution of your financial crises via debt settlement programs, then you have to hire a loan settlement company in this regard. Although person can do the debt settlement on his own as well but hiring a company would be a better option. A Settlement Company has got sufficient number of skilled professional financial experts. These experts basically act as a middle man between the lender and the borrower. Debt settlement financial experts basically make the lender realize about the financial crises of the borrower and at the same time put efforts to convince the lender to give some reduction in the out standing amount that borrower actually has to pay. This process is done by debt negotiations. By the help of this process, person is able to get some of his amount eliminated easily.

If the banks or the lenders are not agreeing for the terms and the conditions of the debt negotiations, then these experts use the threat of bankruptcy for them. Bankruptcy is nothing except total loss that is why many lenders easily get convinced to give maximum discount over outstanding balance. But it is highly recommended that if you are in debt and looking for proven methods of debt relief, then go for a Settlement Company as function of debt Settlement Company is to easy the process of negotiation. Debt negotiation is best alternative of bankruptcy.

Tips on How to Successfully Negotiate With a Car Dealership

The one skill that most consumers are lacking in is negotiating. We are so accustomed to the retail lifestyle. The price you see is the price you pay. But when some people walk onto a dealership’s parking lot, they expect to be sold and have to negotiate the price. Most people go unprepared and end up paying way more than someone who has done their homework. Here are a couple of tips to make your next car purchase a successful one.

First, before you even drive to the dealership, look around on the internet. About 80% of the customers who ask me to finance their auto loan never did any research online before making their buying decision! It’s amazing! If they would have taken half the time they use logging on to Facebook and Myspace pages and take that time to research car prices, they would save themselves thousands of dollars! If you are looking at used cars, go to the NADA website and get some prices on makes and models that have your interest. If its new cars, go to the Edmonds website and you can look at the approximate invoice prices.

Second, when you show up at the dealership, leave your emotions at home. So many people I talk to fall in love with the first car they looked at. I know of instances where people bought the car without test driving it! Use your brain, not your heart. This will help you negotiate and get the best deal possible.

Third, find a salesman you like. The first guy that walks up technically is the guy most people buy from. Why? Did you particularly like him? Was he friendly? Did he ask you questions and listen to your responses to get to know your needs better? Find a salesman you are 100% comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to say, “Mr. Salesman, you seem like a good salesman, but I really need to deal with someone I feel more comfortable with.” If he says there is no one else, just leave. Trust me, there are plenty of cars out there! Look at it this way, when buying a house, you choose which realtor you hire to assist you in buying a house right? Why should it be any different when making another major purchase? Don’t worry about offending them, they will appreciate your honesty and find their manager to help you out.

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