\”How To Avoid Danger From Being A Strong Negotiator” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

Some negotiators emit weakness when they’re negotiating. There’s danger in doing that. Other negotiators exude strength. There’s danger in that, too. A successful negotiator knows how to project power while avoiding the threat of being perceived as overbearing, stubborn, or unrelenting. They also know when to appear robust and when to appear weak.

The following are ways that you can be a strong negotiator while avoiding danger and becoming more successful in your negotiations.

First, be mindful of the negotiator type with whom you’re negotiating. Some negotiators will view you as an opponent or adversary, while others will see you as an advisor or friend. It’s essential to identify and know the different characteristics displayed by negotiators. That’ll determine how you’ll negotiate with them.

Adversary Versus Advisor:

If a negotiator perceives you as too overbearing, he may become obstinate. When you appear weak, some negotiators will take advantage of you. So, you must know when to adopt the right persona. You can determine that by how the other negotiator sees you versus how you wish him to view you.

When dealing with someone that notes you as an adversary, his mindset is, he’s in a rigorous engagement, and there’s only one winner, him. With this type of negotiator, stand your ground. Challenge him before making concessions. Make him earn what he receives. That will enhance the respect he has for you and your abilities.

When viewed as an advisor or friend, display a demeanor of agreeability. You want this negotiator type to feel at ease with you. Create a climate whereby ideas are free to be exchanged. That will encourage that person to be more amenable to your offers, thoughts, and ideas. Also, he won’t feel threatened when you propose something that may appear to be out-of-bounds.

Advisory Role:

When projecting strength or weakness, know when to switch roles. Displaying the advisor role (e.g., I’d like to gather a little more information so I can best determine how I might meet your request), is an excellent way to break the frame. It’ll allow you to morph from a position of weakness to strength or vice versa. Be sure to change your demeanor when doing so. Do that by adjusting your body language to meet the new image that you project.

As an example, if you’re acting the role of a competent person and you switch to a weaker one, sit smaller in your chair. Do that by slouching, and drawing your body closer to itself as though you were afraid.

To project an image of strength, expand the space you’re occupying. Accomplish that by increasing the size of your body, and making big gestures when you speak. You can also move your objects further away. You want to occupy more space to appear more confident. That nonverbal gesture states that you feel comfortable and unafraid of anything in the environment.

You can also use inflections in your voice to cast the appropriate demeanor. Do that by placing a stronger or weaker inference on the words that are most important to you. That will add value to your persona.


Like everything in life – the more you know about the environment you’ll be in and the people in it, the better prepared you can be for what might occur. Knowing how to move back and forth stealthfully, from a forceful negotiator image to one less dynamic, will allow you to have more influence over the negotiation. Plus, you won’t have to worry about being perceived as an ogre when you adopt a more rigorous personality. That will keep the negotiation wolves away from your door, those that would seek retribution for you being too strong against them… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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Presentation Tactics – Method of Delivery That Will Reach Your Audience

Are you always in a dilemma and wondering whether you will do that presentation and get your audience full attention? This question is asked by many people especially those who are doing a business presentation for the first time. Preparing yourself adequately is the key to avoiding embarrassment.

The first thing that you must do it research thoroughly, the internet is rich with information on various topics that are relevant to your presentation. Also, read books that are related to what you will be presenting. Being well informed makes you gain confidence when doing a presentation.

Human beings are usually reached effectively visually; hence as you are communicating to your audience it is important to prepare visual aids. For example, the use slide show presentation would be most suitable as you explain orally. Therefore, prepare a power point presentation before hand and you can be sure of capturing your audience attention.

During the presentation pose some questions to your audience so as to measure weather they are getting what you are presenting. Also, use convincing and persuading language that the audience can relate to. Though sometimes you may have limited time, it is advisable to set aside a session and allow your audience to ask questions.

If you are a first time presenter then maintaining eye contact with your audience can be quite intimidating, the best thing to do is to look slightly above their heads. This will ensure your words follow systematically and with time you gain confidence and you will be able look at your audience directly.

To be a good presenter takes time and patience, you are bound to fumble now and then but do not panic whenever you make a mistake. Compose yourself and carry on; before you know it you will perfect the art of presentation.

Debt Relief Options – Avoid Bankruptcy With Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation is a great way to resolve the huge unsecured debts within the shortest time. The idea is totally depending on the negotiation with the financers and investors. People with huge unsecured debts had to do something with their debt condition as the amount was growing to a level which can never be managed in the financial depression. That’s why, the companies, financers and government finance department came up and started endorsing the system to help the situation and the consumers as well. This was also helping the people to overcome the withheld situation in the global economy. That’s why, the idea and method became intensely popular in a very short time.

If you have a debt over $10K, you must follow the necessary instructions to avoid legal interruption in your case. You should be doing something as soon as possible to have the resolute elimination of debt most easily than ever. The companies have made their terms and conditions easier than ever and also the government institutions are trying to help the consumers to ensure their economic future. That’s why, the debtors with huge unsecured debt have become interested about the offers from the companies and the government institutions. The offers are commonly popular as debt negotiation, debt consolidation, debt management and debt relief.

Bankruptcy is certainly a very popular way to resolve the debt issue in the shortest time. This involves legal associations to overcome the debt situations. Though, this has been the only system to eliminate the debt over years, but it has certain side effects such as demarcation in the financial reports and consequential ineligibility for any financial association in the future. This also prevents the investors to claim money from their bankrupt customers. So, they have to incur mere financial loss and have no way to recover the invested money. So, they were never happy with the debt elimination applying a legal procedure. The number of bankrupts increased to an alarming amount that time and that made the government take some major decisions about the debt management systems.

Most of the debtors think about the ways to avoid bankruptcy and reduce the debt amount so that they can manage the rest and ensure their financial future. In such condition, they have the best option available for them. Debt relief enables them to get their debt reduced effectively without exerting any bad impact on their financial reports. So, you can certainly think of choosing debt relief options to avoid bankruptcy and repair the finance as well.