How To Refresh Your Sales Presentation

Time to press the pause button

Recollect the day you joined your sales team.

You not only were eager to prove yourselves, but also were quite curious to find out as many selling points about your product or service as possible, to bag deals. You memorized all that was taught by your sales training team. You applied some of those ideas and got some success.

Later, with experience on the field, you developed thumb rules of your own and discovered some ‘selling points that work’ that were not taught in your training. Eventually those selling points became part of your standard sales presentation.

Now, it is time to press the pause button and take a day to ‘Hunt for fresh points to sell’.

Why should you do this?

As sales people, over time we get complacent with our working ways, and stop looking for new ideas. We may take the time to refresh our selling points based on the product changes, market changes or changes in customer preferences. The one day you spend to step back and objectively look at the points that will make a world of difference to the commissions you earn.

Planning the ‘selling points’ day

1. Talk to colleagues: Start by spending 15 minutes with each of your sales colleagues in an informal setting (like – over a cup of coffee), to ask about the specific selling points they use to close deals. You might be surprised to discover some nuggets that you never thought of. Realize that like you worked out your own set of ‘selling points that work’, your colleagues too have discovered their own set too. There is very little opportunity for them to share it with you, if not for this day.

2. Talk to customers: Next, pick up the phone and call up your existing customers. Ask them about their experience of your product. Ask them about the specific features of your product that benefit them the most.

Talk to no less than 15 customers to populate your list of points for pitching.

3. Create Value Statement: Once you finish compiling all the learning for the day, start creating a ‘value statement’ for each of those points. Now, take a print out of the value statements, and put it in your folder.

This is fresh arsenal that will work wonders to your conviction about the product. This reflects in your confidence and words when you make the next sales presentation.

Whenever you feel a little down, go through the list – and you will get a fresh sense of energy to meet your next customer.

Remember, to conduct this exercise at least once in 4 months to recharge yourself and your pitch. Happy selling!

Presentation Tactics – Method of Delivery That Will Reach Your Audience

Are you always in a dilemma and wondering whether you will do that presentation and get your audience full attention? This question is asked by many people especially those who are doing a business presentation for the first time. Preparing yourself adequately is the key to avoiding embarrassment.

The first thing that you must do it research thoroughly, the internet is rich with information on various topics that are relevant to your presentation. Also, read books that are related to what you will be presenting. Being well informed makes you gain confidence when doing a presentation.

Human beings are usually reached effectively visually; hence as you are communicating to your audience it is important to prepare visual aids. For example, the use slide show presentation would be most suitable as you explain orally. Therefore, prepare a power point presentation before hand and you can be sure of capturing your audience attention.

During the presentation pose some questions to your audience so as to measure weather they are getting what you are presenting. Also, use convincing and persuading language that the audience can relate to. Though sometimes you may have limited time, it is advisable to set aside a session and allow your audience to ask questions.

If you are a first time presenter then maintaining eye contact with your audience can be quite intimidating, the best thing to do is to look slightly above their heads. This will ensure your words follow systematically and with time you gain confidence and you will be able look at your audience directly.

To be a good presenter takes time and patience, you are bound to fumble now and then but do not panic whenever you make a mistake. Compose yourself and carry on; before you know it you will perfect the art of presentation.

Should You Patent Your Idea?

You or your team had a eureka moment and came up with something completely new. You have a sneaking suspicion that this may be the next big thing. You don’t want to let this chance pass you by and go into the hands of someone else.

What exactly is a patent?

A patent is a legal right that a certain government has issued. If you have a patent on your innovation, no one else may use it to manufacture, sell, or advertise a product without your permission. To succeed as an investor, you must get a patent. Product protection is essential since it helps to prevent your creation or concept from being copied by others.

Patents are only valid in the nation where they are issued. Consider the following scenario: If you hold a patent in the United States, you will have no way of preventing someone from utilizing (and earning from) your patented idea in some other country. To protect your innovation in many countries, you’ll need to apply for a patent in each nation where you want to market it.

What is the best way to determine whether or not your concept is patentable?

You’ve had your eureka moment and have submitted a provisional patent application to protect your invention. The next step is to How to Get a Patent on An Idea can retain the services of a patent attorney to submit a full-blown patent application. It is theoretically feasible to submit a patent application without the assistance of an attorney. Still, its not recommended to do so since patent proceedings in a court of law focus on the exact wording used in the application. It is beneficial to get an expert to assist you in drafting your application.

What kinds of inventions can be protected by patents?

It is generally advisable to get a patent via the services of a registered agent.

1. Any asset or invention that wishes to be protected by a patent must first meet three fundamental requirements:

2. It has to be unique and different from anything else out there. Thus, the specific invention must be novel, and there must be no existing evidence of its existence before its publication.

3. It has to be unique in its own right. An individual’s contribution to improving current technology is not eligible for patent protection.

4. It has to be of some use. It should offer value to the everyday lives of the average person. It must not profit from or facilitate the use of illicit substances, nor may it be utilized for any unethical purpose in any way.


Said, if you or your team comes up with a novel and creative concept, you should seriously consider submitting a provisional patent application as quickly as possible. Additionally, before enlisting the assistance of an attorney, consider conducting your patent search. It will, without a doubt, save you some money.