Tips on How to Successfully Negotiate With a Car Dealership

The one skill that most consumers are lacking in is negotiating. We are so accustomed to the retail lifestyle. The price you see is the price you pay. But when some people walk onto a dealership’s parking lot, they expect to be sold and have to negotiate the price. Most people go unprepared and end up paying way more than someone who has done their homework. Here are a couple of tips to make your next car purchase a successful one.

First, before you even drive to the dealership, look around on the internet. About 80% of the customers who ask me to finance their auto loan never did any research online before making their buying decision! It’s amazing! If they would have taken half the time they use logging on to Facebook and Myspace pages and take that time to research car prices, they would save themselves thousands of dollars! If you are looking at used cars, go to the NADA website and get some prices on makes and models that have your interest. If its new cars, go to the Edmonds website and you can look at the approximate invoice prices.

Second, when you show up at the dealership, leave your emotions at home. So many people I talk to fall in love with the first car they looked at. I know of instances where people bought the car without test driving it! Use your brain, not your heart. This will help you negotiate and get the best deal possible.

Third, find a salesman you like. The first guy that walks up technically is the guy most people buy from. Why? Did you particularly like him? Was he friendly? Did he ask you questions and listen to your responses to get to know your needs better? Find a salesman you are 100% comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to say, “Mr. Salesman, you seem like a good salesman, but I really need to deal with someone I feel more comfortable with.” If he says there is no one else, just leave. Trust me, there are plenty of cars out there! Look at it this way, when buying a house, you choose which realtor you hire to assist you in buying a house right? Why should it be any different when making another major purchase? Don’t worry about offending them, they will appreciate your honesty and find their manager to help you out.

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